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Pontoon boats

From the small peddle powered single seater float to the massive party platforms of barge like proportions pontoon boats offer a safe and unique boating experience.

Like all boating you should use the right equipment in the right circumstances.

Pontoon boats should be used on a small body of water, they are not designed for use on the open sea or any large body of water that could cut up rough, these vessels will not handle a sea of any type they are simply not designed to do so.

Any wave action will break over your boat and wash anything on deck overboard, including you!

Do not use these vessels on rough water!

Having said that, this type of boating can be a lot of fun for a lot of people.

Pontoon boats are generally constructed in a simple format of a couple of tapered pontoon floats that provide steering and floatation, with a flat platform or deck placed on top, with a railing surrounding it giving a large stable and safe area for any number of people, depending on the overall size and specifications.

Some are constructed simply as a floating party platform and others have inbuilt furniture and resemble and open air floating living room.

These vessels have a wide rage of applications.

I have seen them completely camouflaged and used as a hunting blind, or simply designed as a personal transport float with peddle power.

I guess the beauty of this type of vessel is that you can make them into whatever you want. 

If you are using a pontoon boat as a floating party place please remember that alcohol and boating of any sort do not mix!

So please take care and always have a sober skipper and crew and keep a close eye on your guests.

Pontoon boats come in any size or style you want and some of the smaller models will fit on a trailer.

Their simple construction means they are usually an affordable boating option that you can construct to your personal specifications.

So weather your looking for personal transport to cross the lake or a massive party location on water, there is an option for you in the wonderful world of pontoon boating.

Many locations offer hire pontoons so you can enjoy a short trip or even try before you buy. 

As always remember the basics and think safety first, and enjoy your boating adventure.

Play hard play safe and look after our environment when you’re on the water.

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