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Sailing boat

Wether your going for an afternoon pleasure cruise or are racing a sailing dingy or even contemplating a solo round the world adventure you are about to enter the wonderful world of sailing.

There are many that consider the only true boating experience is in a sail boat, with the breeze in your sail you ride with the sea and work with nature to propel yourself across the open water.

No noisy smelly motor fighting nature and polluting our waters, no under experienced over powered part-time water cowboys endangering lives and spoiling the serenity. Just the wind, the sea and your skill to rely on, what a relaxing and satisfying experience.

No matter what your needs are there is a sail boat for you. From the most humble and inexpensive sailing dingy to the super yachts that cruise the open sea youíll find something that suits your skill, wants and budget.

One of the most satisfying things you can do is to build your own craft. There are thousands of plans available and lots of help at hand if you chose to embark on the self build option, and nothing quite like the satisfaction of building launching and sailing your boat!

If you do chose this option please be sure you donít take on a project outside of your building capabilities, there are many simple plans available if you lack practical building skills, you may think they look a bit plain but believe me, if you build and sail your own boat you will only see her as a thing of real beauty and will love the feeling of achievement and satisfaction of having do it yourself!

If youíre looking for something a little bigger there are a thousand options for you.

You can buy new, buy used, buy a share with friends, or buy into a time share set up, there are in fact so many options that it really does pay to sit down and seriously consider your needs and budget. Just to narrow down your choices, and to help ensure you make the right choice.

Consider storage or mooring, ongoing maintenance, insurance, and how much time and effort you can afford to put into your boat.

There are many companies that offer sail boat hire, either skippered and crewed or bare boat, this can be a great way to work out wether or not that type of boat suits your needs, or you may find that renting bare boat a couple of time a year is the most cost effective way to satisfy your sailing urge.

What ever you decide please remember the basics and think safety first, there is 

nothing more frightening than being in difficulty on the water when help is a long way away and youíre not sure what to do next.

I recommend you join a club that can teach you sailing and general boating skills, many of these clubs organise events and races on a regular bases and itís a great way to meet like minded people, you can even save a few dollars if your club runs deals with retailers.

So remember folks play safe play hard and look after each other out there.

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